Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla

Shopping experience

Over 1800 places to shop…

The location of Hotel Casa 1800 makes us a fantastic place to start your shopping route.

In the same neighbourhood, you can find an array of shops where you can purchase the most exclusive souvenirs, such as spices, hand-painted fans, typical of Seville or jewellery. There are also plenty of handicraft and antique shops.

Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla

Just a few steps away you’ll find the famous Sierpes and Tetuán streets, in the city centre, with a large number of national and international shops

If you are interested in ceramics, the most advisable neighbourhood is Triana, crossing the Guadalquivir, in streets such as San Jorge or Alfarería you can find shops specialising in pitchers, dishes or unique pieces of clay.

Continuing through the narrow streets of our historic centre you will find exclusive boutiques. You can’t miss the ones on Calle Cuna, San Eloy or José Gestoso. You will surely want to buy flamenco accessories to wear on your next visit, so you can’t miss the flamenco fashion shops you’ll find in the Alfalfa area.

Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla

There are also numerous markets in Seville, a stone’s throw from Casa 1800 and they are all well worth a visit. The Market of Triana stands out, which combines the traditional food market with attractive gourmet offerings, the Lonja del Barranco Market, a gourmet proposal where travellers can find local and international offerings in one place. For fans of collecting and second-hand objects, the Antiques Market of Feria street, or Mercadillo del Arte, in the plaza del Museo. If stamps and coins are your thing don’t miss the Collector’s Market in Plaza del Cabildo.